Dr. Rodney PaulDr. Paul is a sports economist and professor of Sport Management in the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics at Syracuse University. He earned his PhD in Applied Economics from Clemson University in 2000, and has considerable experience in sports consulting and research. Dr. Paul’s areas of specialization include the economics and finance of sports, with specific research in attendance modeling; modeling of sports television ratings; market efficiency and sports wagering markets; and the impact of violence in sports. Some of his most notable work has appeared on Buffalo Sabres Gamenight and Forbes.com, and through interviews on National Public Radio. Dr. Paul has also presented at both national and international conferences, and has research published in The Journal of Sports Economics, International Journal of Sport Finance, Applied Economics, Atlantic Economic Journal, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, and beyond.

Dr. Paul’s consulting experience includes working with NFL teams, Minor League Baseball, and the NHL/AHL – specifically, he has worked with the NHL/AHL on the “Road to the West: A Feasibility Study on the Creation of an AHL Western Division”. This study involved a comprehensive assessment of whether the creation of an AHL Western Division would be sustainable. Dr. Paul’s efforts in this study concentrated on data analysis, modeling, and forecasting of various metrics related to Western cities as possible destinations for AHL affiliates of Western NHL teams.

Dr. Paul brings his wealth of knowledge in the business of sports and hockey to the Business of Hockey Institute (BHI), serving as the professor of both HCKY 645: Hockey Operations and HCKY 641: The Business of Hockey. Having utilized his extensive education in economics and mathematics to work directly with the sports industry himself, Dr. Paul believes that the Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) program can be highly advantageous to students pursuing a career in hockey.

“The Certified Hockey Professional program is soundly based in business theory with the examples, discussions, and problems based on the sport of hockey.  Couple this with being surrounded by fellow students who are passionate about the sport and have an intense desire to be the driving force for its future, this unique program offers a deep immersion into the business of the best sport in the world.”

HCKY 645 concentrates on the essentials for making hockey teams competitive, with a focus on the costs of doing so both on and off the ice. This course introduces both traditional and new techniques and tools for scouting talent, negotiating player and coach contracts, and trading players effectively. HCKY 641 explores the trends that are defining and influencing the business of hockey. It allows students to discover the forces that determine success off the ice and what makes a franchises’ competitive advantage work.

BHI is proud to have Dr. Paul providing Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) students with invaluable knowledge, tools, and strategies to ensure they are successful in their future careers in the business of hockey.

Individuals seeking further information on Dr. Paul’s background or research projects may send inquiries to info@businessofhockeyinstitute.com.