Dr. Norm O'ReillyAs the Richard P. & Joan S. Fox Professor of Business, Dr. Norm O’Reilly is recognized as one of the leading scholars in sport business and serves as the Chair of the Department of Sports Administration at Ohio University’s College of Business. For a decade, he has been minority owner and senior advisor with the Consulting Group of Toronto-based marketing agency, The T1 Agency, where he has worked for dozens of clients including Nike, Nissan, UFC, the Ottawa Sports & Entertainment Group, the Canadian Olympic Committee, the Canadian Paralympic Committee, and many more. He also acts as a specialist on legal cases and has sat on the boards of many sport organizations.

Dr. O’Reilly has been involved with BHI since its inception, serving as both a board member and professor of HCKY 642: Marketing Hockey Strategically within BHI’s Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) education program. Through BHI’s highly interactive, discussion-based course structure, Dr. O’Reilly shares his wealth of knowledge in a range of sport business, hockey business and sport marketing topics, which he has developed by working closely with industry leaders, and authoring/co-authoring eight books, 14 case studies in the Harvard/Stanford series, and more than 110 peer-reviewed journal articles.

With a PhD in Management from the Carleton University, an MBA from the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa, an MA in Sports Administration from the University of Ottawa, a B.Sc. (Kinesiology) from the University of Waterloo, and the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation, Dr. O’Reilly exemplifies how a strong educational background combined with professional experience and applied can be invaluable asset for individuals looking to with hockey-related entities. Dr. O’Reilly is an advocate for highly specialized educational programs in the sports industry, which led to him becoming an integral part of BHI:

“The opportunity to design a class, teach in and support a program specialized in the business of hockey was a dream come true for me and has given me the opportunity to engage with students who have the singular objective to work in the business of hockey. The BHI is unique with respect to this specialized focus.”

Dr. O’Reilly’s hockey-specific experience includes major research projects with key industry stakeholders such as the Ottawa Senators, Canadian Tire and Scotiabank. He was the Lead Researcher in the Senators Sports & Entertainment (SSE) 2012/2013 Impact Study, which involved a comprehensive analysis and estimation of the economic, sport, community and social benefits of SSE. Furthermore, he served a lead role in Canadian Tire and Scotiabank’s Hockey Impact Study in 2014/2015 which estimated the impact of the sport of hockey in Canada from coast to coast.  This results of this study have been widely quoted in media. Notably, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce recognized Dr. O’Reilly’s contributions with this study: “We have long known that hockey fuels our hearts in Canada. Now, thanks to research conducted by prominent Canadian Sports Researcher, Dr. Norm O’Reilly and Canadian Tire, we know that the sports fuels one of the most important segments of our economy in Canada.”

Dr. O’Reilly’s experience has attracted outstanding recognition and led to prominent media outlets seeking out his expertise on a range of sports related issues. In 2010, Dr. O’Reilly was engaged by TSN and the Globe & Mail to study the viability of NHL franchises in four Canadian markets as part of a highly regarded six-part series known as “Why Not Canada” led by Dave Naylor. Dr. O’Reilly was recognized in 2013 as one of the “Five to Watch” in sport business in Canada by the Globe and Mail and is a lifetime Research Fellow of the North American Society for Sport Management. In 2011, he was the recipient of the University of Ottawa’s Media Excellence Award for media coverage of his research.

BHI is proud to have Dr. O’Reilly providing future CHPs with invaluable knowledge, tools, and strategies as they navigate their careers within the hockey business.

Individuals seeking further information on Dr. O’Reilly’s background or research projects may send inquiries to info@businessofhockeyinstitute.com.