Chicago Blackhawks LogoThe Business of Hockey Institute (BHI) announced today that John F. McDonough, President and CEO of the Chicago Blackhawks, will be recognized for his outstanding contributions to the business of hockey through the awarding of the first ever honorary Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) designation.

It’s humbling to be recognized by The Business of Hockey Institute and to receive the first honorary Certified Hockey Professional designation,” says McDonough. “Like BHI, the Chicago Blackhawks value research, education and the exchange of ideas. This recognition is a tribute to the work of the entire organization as we continue to pursue our ‘One Goal.’

As a board, we recognized John’s leadership and the critical role he played not just with the Blackhawks and the Chicago Cubs, but also in the community and the larger sports and entertainment industry,” says Herb Pinder, Chair of the Business of Hockey Institute. “John is the role model for anyone working in the business side of the game and this is exactly what the honorary CHP was created to recognize. His example is what every hockey executive and leader should attempt to emulate.

Under John’s leadership, the Blackhawks have been one of the most successful in the NHL both on and off the ice. Forbes Magazine has called John’s leadership in revitalizing the team and resurrecting its fan base, “the greatest sports-business turnaround ever.” In 2014, the Blackhawks were recognized as the “Best Franchise” by The Hockey News, and the momentum has carried on with the Blackhawks most recent Stanley Cup win in 2015. John’s accolades, awards, and honors with the Blackhawks and the Chicago Cubs are truly impressive. (More about Mr. McDonough’s accomplishments can be found here.)

The honorary CHP is awarded to an individual who epitomizes the qualities, capabilities, and accomplishments desired by existing and future CHPs. An honorary CHP also recognizes individuals who have made impressive off-ice contributions to their organizations that have earned them the respect of their peers in other hockey-related organizations.

John F. McDonough will receive the inaugural honorary CHP on November 13, 2016 at the BHI Awards Night occurring in conjunction with the 2016 PrimeTime Sports & Entertainment Conference in Toronto.