Registration is now open for HCKY 643: Integrated Marketing Communications for Hockey. Visiting students are welcome.

This course introduces students to integrated marketing communications (IMC) for the purposes of building, maintaining, and leveraging their franchises’ brand equity. The goal of IMC is to ensure consistency in the communication of the brand across all media and platforms. It brings together advertising, promotion, communications, public relations, social media, and sales in order to enhance the communication of the franchise’s primary and secondary brands through synergy and complementarity.

Toward this end, this course teaches students to critically assess the uses, benefits, and shortcomings of the available media channels. It explains how to identify market segments and stakeholders and incorporate their needs into marketing campaigns. Students learn how to coordinate and manage multi-disciplinary teams by means of clearly defined objectives and strategies. Upon completion of this course, students should be capable of planning integrated marketing campaigns capable of successfully achieving measurable objectives.

HCKY 643 will be taught by BHI and UCLA professor, Robert Liljenwall, who has over 40 years of experience in sports marketing. At the highest level of sport, Lilljenwall has worked with Olympics Committees, the FIFA World Cups, the NFL and more.

Individuals looking to take HCKY 643 as Visiting Students are required to submit a resume and if requested, a brief essay explaining their interest in the course. Visiting students may send registration requests to

The registration deadline is September 12, 2018.