Registration is now open for HCKY 642: Marketing Hockey Strategically. Visiting students are welcome.

The course focuses on identifying, understanding, and targeting the fans, viewers, and spectators with the greatest potential to increase a franchise’s profitability and valuation.  Learning objectives include identification of variables that influence the spending behaviour of hockey fans; understanding the ways in which fans choose between competing market offers; development of strategies and tactics to reach and influence hockey fans; and understanding and applying concepts of brand, brand equity, brand building, and brand extensions in the context of hockey franchises.

HCKY 642 will be taught by Dr. Norm O’Reilly, who is the Chair of the Department of Sports Administration at Ohio University’s College of Business and senior advisor with Toronto-based marketing agency, The T1 Agency. Dr. O’Reilly has worked directly with leading stakeholders in the hockey industry including the Ottawa Senators and TSN.

Individuals looking to take HCKY 642 as Visiting Students are required to submit a resume and if requested, a brief essay explaining their interest in the course. Visiting students may send registration requests to

The registration deadline is July 4, 2018.