Registration is now open for HCKY 641: The Business of Hockey. Visiting students are welcome.

This course explores the trends and forces that are defining and influencing the business of hockey. It also explores the forces that determine success off the ice with particular focus on franchises’ competitive advantage both within the league and within local markets. The underlying assumption is that hockey franchises businesses and must be managed as businesses.

Individuals with general interest in careers in the business of hockey may be interested in registering for HCKY 641. Topics covered in the course include trends shaping the business of hockey at the franchise, league, and international levels; revenue sources and expenses of hockey franchises and the forces that impact them; trade-offs required between team success and franchise profitability; and forces driving league expansion and team relocation.

Individuals looking to take HCKY 641 as Visiting Students are required to submit a resume and brief essay explaining their interest in the course. Visiting students may send registration requests to

The registration deadline is April 25, 2018.