Taylor ReidTaylor Reid’s on-ice career branches into business with hockey-specific MBA studies

Hockey can take you places, whether it be across the continent or up the career ladder. Taylor Reid is one hockey traveler who knows this to be true. Born and raised in Calgary, educated in Schenectady, NY, employed first in Boston and then in Philadelphia, Reid owes a lot of his progress to hockey. Now he’s blending his playing and professional experience with graduate studies to map out the next leg of his journey.

Reid is outspoken about his love for the game and its continuing importance in his life: “It helped mold who I am and it got me to where I am.” “Where” is with PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a risk assurance senior associate. It also includes being among the first cohort in BHI’s MBA/Certified Hockey Professional program , which is set to graduate in June of 2018.

Reid’s hockey travels started as a youngster in Calgary and led him to Junior A stops in Nanaimo, B.C., and Fort McMurray, Alberta. An NCAA Division I scholarship carried him on to Union College in Schenectady, where he earned a B.A. in managerial economics and was a four-time conference academic all star. He thanks his Union College alumni connections – among the perquisites of NCAA competition – for help with joining PWC’s Boston operation in 2012.

His ensuing move to the firm’s Philadelphia office has also involved a transition from the audit-oriented work of risk assurance to a broader role as a client strategist.

He sees his enrollment as the logical next step in a burgeoning career, a “no brainer” that he learned about all the way from the U.S. eastern seaboard through “keeping tabs” on Calgary and reading the National Post. Nevin Markwart, former Boston Bruin and now a financial services executive and member of the BHI board, has met with Reid over coffee in Boston. He lauds him for his enthusiasm, and says of his push for BHI’s business of hockey focused MBA, “He’s stepped up. He’s showing the hockey world that he’s serious, and that gets noticed.”

Taylor Reid has a track record of success and is driven to excel and indeed, to get noticed. Reid obviously has it in spades, and hopes it will take him to high places when he graduates this June.