Shane MalloyCertified Hockey Professional (“CHP”) candidate, Shane Malloy, is an author, leader, and trailblazer in the hockey industry. Covering and evaluating hockey prospects as a columnist, radio host, and hockey scout over the past eighteen years, Shane brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to BHI’s classroom.

Shane earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management and is now on his way to obtaining his MBA in Hockey Management with BHI. With a strong passion for evaluating talent, Shane currently works for Electronic Arts Canada (EA Sports), and hosts the Hockey Prospect Radio show on Sirius XM NHL Network Radio.

In a project management role at EA Sports, Shane provides statistical analytics services and traditional hockey player scouting assessments, which are in part, used to assign video game ratings for hockey players in the NHL video game franchise. He is tasked with providing thirty numerical attributes and bias ratings for National Hockey League, American Hockey League, and Canadian Hockey League players:

“I performance risk for range outcome predictions coupled with statistical principles to solve complex and practical problems. This allows a balance between the hockey player’s historical and current attributes and statistics, while providing a hockey player’s future performance projection to a 90% accuracy rate compared to real life.”

Using player attributes, based on approximately 12,000 variables from the players on the sixteen participating playoffs teams, Shane accurately predicted 63% of Stanley Cup finals results from 2010 to 2013, while also predicting the Stanley Cup winner twice during that period.

Shane’s expertise also transcends the virtual. He has scouted for the United States Hockey League; authored a book, The Art of Scouting – How the Hockey Experts Really Watch the Game and Decide Who Makes It; and hosted the Hockey Prospect Radio Show on Sirius XM NHL Network Radio and the TSN Radio Network for over 12 years:

“I am tasked with managing the operations of the schedule, time clocks, guests, on air talent, corporate sponsors, producer, and engineer into cohesive unit to deliver high quality content”

Shane prides himself on being a resourceful, result-oriented team player with integrity and professionalism that can earn respect and inspire cooperation. He is constantly combining his diverse work experience in the industry with the educational tools that BHI provides to further the game of hockey:

 “This program with the Business Hockey Institute will impart me with ability to combine my hockey operations experience and academic concepts to bring innovative and practical solutions to the game of hockey. The evolution of the hockey industry is beginning to move at a rapid pace and I am thrilled for the opportunity to contribute and learn while building strategies for competitive advantage.”