Manav DeolThe Business of Hockey Institute (BHI) announced this week that Manav Deol will be joining the organization as Managing Director.

Deol, a 27 year old from Edmonton, Alberta, joins BHI from a leading Alberta law firm where he practiced as a labour and employment lawyer. Deol brings with him an MBA from the University of Alberta and experience in professional hockey having worked closely with NHL player agent, Ritch Winter, on a variety of initiatives.

“We’re expecting great things from Manav,” said BHI’s Executive Director, Dr. Michael Mauws. “He gave up a successful and lucrative career in law to pursue his passion for the game of hockey. His willingness to do that, combined with his strong background in both law and business, made it easy to decide who should be occupying this position.”

“I am absolutely thrilled to join BHI and be given an opportunity to work with and for some of the most successful executives in the business,” said Deol.