Registration is now open for HCKY 645: Hockey Operations. Visiting students are welcome.

The course delves into the essentials for making hockey teams more competitive on the ice with a focus on the costs of being competitive both on and off the ice. Both traditional and new techniques and tools (i.e., information technologies and recent developments in behavioral psychology) for scouting talent, negotiating player and coach contracts, and trading players effectively are discussed.

The course addresses the impact of free agency, collective bargaining agreements, and salary caps on attaining and maintaining top player talent/personnel and the implications of all of these things on team performance. The role of analytics to improve player and coach performance is explored. Students are exposed to pertinent legal developments as well as negotiation strategies. Throughout the course, connections are made between hockey operations and the franchise’s marketing and business strategies so that senior executives and ownership is equipped to keep hockey ops staff and senior management accountable more effectively and in a more timely manner than has traditionally been the case.

HCKY 645 will be taught by Syracuse University and BHI professor, Dr. Rodney Paul. Dr. Paul has consulted for NHL and AHL teams and his areas of specialization include the economics and finance of sports, with specific research in attendance modeling; modeling of sports television ratings; market efficiency and sports wagering markets; and the impact of violence in sports. Some of his most notable work has appeared on Buffalo Sabres Gamenight and, and through interviews on National Public Radio.

Individuals looking to take HCKY 645 as Visiting Students are required to submit a resume and if requested, a brief essay explaining their interest in the course. Visiting students may send registration requests to

The registration deadline is February 13, 2019.