2407, 2019

Pontiacs’ Business Operations Flourishing Under Robb Hunter

July 24th, 2019|0 Comments

In February, 2018, the Bonnyville Pontiacs announced the hiring of Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) candidate Robb Hunter as their Director of Business Operations. They have been reaping the rewards of this decision ever since. In his new position, Hunter has overseen off-ice operations for the Pontiacs, including their business and financial strategy. On top of this, Hunter has also managed day to day operations for Pontiacs home games and coordinated volunteer and fundraising efforts.  Combining his years of industry experience and knowledge gained from the MBA in Hockey Management program, Hunter made a sizable impact in Bonnyville during his first season in his new role. Under Hunter’s leadership, the Pontiacs increased regular season gate revenue by 90% and increased season ticket revenue by 36%. Hunter also saw to the development of sleek new jersey’s featuring a new logo and color scheme. The Pontiacs’ faithful responded positively to the rebrand, and merchandise revenue was up 202%. General Manager, Rick Swan, took notice. “We are extremely pleased with the significant impact that Robb Hunter has had an our organization’s improvement in all areas over the past year. Over the past year, Robb has played a lead role in raising revenues which has [...]

612, 2018

FEATURE: Patrick Garland, Certified Hockey Professional and Edmonton Oilers’ Hockey Engagement Program Director

December 6th, 2018|0 Comments

Patrick Garland, one of four BHI graduates conferred the Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) designation in 2018, has been in the hockey industry since 2002. His initial success with Hockey Canada enabled a quick transition to the Edmonton Oilers, where he has been working for over 13 years. As the Coordinator of the Men’s National Team for Hockey Canada, Pat took on a dynamic role within the organization. He led the coordination of team logistics for events in Canada and Europe, managed travel logistics for players and staff, and was responsible for tracking the statistics for all Canadians playing professional hockey in Europe. Pat had to wear many hats during his time with Hockey Canada as he also maintained a close working relationship with the International Ice Hockey Federation and acted as the Video Coach for Team Canada at the 2004 Hungarian Cup in Budapest. In 2005, Pat made the transition to the NHL and 4 years after joining the Edmonton Oilers, he was promoted to Manager of Team Services. Despite having a significant level of responsibility which involved developing and managing a multi-million dollar budget, as well as a busy schedule requiring him to travel with the team, Pat decided [...]

3010, 2018

BHI announces academic partnership with Chicago Blackhawks

October 30th, 2018|0 Comments

The Business of Hockey Institute (BHI) and the Chicago Blackhawks have agreed to an academic partnership that will provide Blackhawks employees with unprecedented professional development opportunities through BHI’s Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) education program. BHI, a non-profit think tank dedicated to improving the business of hockey, was co-founded in 2015 by Brian Burke and Ritch Winter. The development of a hockey-specific curriculum in consultation with industry leaders, sports management professionals, and its academic partner, Athabasca University, led to the creation of the CHP program and the first-ever MBA in Hockey Management. Through these programs, BHI offers hockey-focused, graduate level courses to elevate the performance of employees working in hockey organizations. “The CHP is designed to be the ideal professional development program for business employees in hockey organizations. It would definitely benefit a lot of people working for NHL franchises,” said Burke. “We are proud to have the Chicago Blackhawks as our first academic partner and look forward to working with their valued employees.” The academic partnership provides both organizations with significant growth opportunities. Chicago Blackhawks employees will have the opportunity to enrol in BHI courses covering a range of business topics including sales, marketing, and operations, while also being exposed [...]

1009, 2018

Mark Chipman to Receive Honorary CHP Designation

September 10th, 2018|0 Comments

The Business of Hockey Institute (BHI) announced today that Mark Chipman, Executive Chairman and Governor of True North Sports + Entertainment and the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club, will be recognized for his outstanding contributions to the business of hockey through the awarding of the honorary Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) designation. Upon receiving notice that he will be the next recipient of honorary CHP designation, Mr. Chipman said, “I’m deeply honoured and humbled to receive this designation. To be in the company of such distinguished past winners, John McDonough and Peter Luukko, both of whom I hold in the highest regard and who are considered to be the finest team leaders in the NHL .” For over two decades, Chipman has been integral in establishing and maintaining professional hockey in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Some of the more notable achievements in his career include: Leading True North’s successful relocation of the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg in 2011, naming the team, once again, the Winnipeg Jets. Working alongside NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, and nine other NHL Governors as part the of league’s NHL Board Executive. A role Chipman accepted last year. Bringing the AHL and Manitoba Moose back Winnipeg in [...]

709, 2018

HCKY 645: Hockey Operations

September 7th, 2018|0 Comments

Registration is now open for HCKY 645: Hockey Operations. Visiting students are welcome. The course delves into the essentials for making hockey teams more competitive on the ice with a focus on the costs of being competitive both on and off the ice. Both traditional and new techniques and tools (i.e., information technologies and recent developments in behavioral psychology) for scouting talent, negotiating player and coach contracts, and trading players effectively are discussed. The course addresses the impact of free agency, collective bargaining agreements, and salary caps on attaining and maintaining top player talent/personnel and the implications of all of these things on team performance. The role of analytics to improve player and coach performance is explored. Students are exposed to pertinent legal developments as well as negotiation strategies. Throughout the course, connections are made between hockey operations and the franchise’s marketing and business strategies so that senior executives and ownership is equipped to keep hockey ops staff and senior management accountable more effectively and in a more timely manner than has traditionally been the case. HCKY 645 will be taught by Syracuse University and BHI professor, Dr. Rodney Paul. Dr. Paul has consulted for NHL and AHL teams and his areas [...]

609, 2018

HCKY 644: Game Day Management & Marketing

September 6th, 2018|0 Comments

Registration is now open for HCKY 644: Game Day Management & Marketing. Visiting students are welcome. This course examines game day operations for franchises and the successful production of live hockey games. More so than in other sports, the majority of a hockey franchise's revenues are derived from home games and as a result, it is essential to optimize game day operations. Individuals working in game day, marketing, corporate sponsorship, or event-related roles for professional hockey teams, not-for-profit organizations, and other hockey related organizations may be interesting in registering for HCKY 644. Topics covered include project management, advertising and promotion, concessions, pricing strategies and tactics, human resource management (including volunteer management) and facilities management. Attention is also given to promotional and technological innovations (e.g., social media, live streaming) impacting spectators' and viewers' game day experiences. HCKY 644 will be taught by BHI and UCLA professor, Mark Francis. Mark is a renowned sports consultant and current Head Coach of the Men's Ice Hockey at UCLA. Through his current and prior professional associations with numerous esteemed sports and entertainment organizations, Mark has developed an extensive professional network of leaders throughout all levels of hockey - a network that he utilizes and features in HCKY [...]

2308, 2018

FEATURE: Brett Barnes, Player Agent & Certified Hockey Professional

August 23rd, 2018|0 Comments

Brett Barnes, one of four BHI graduates that was recently conferred the Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) designation, has been intimately involved with hockey from an early age. He started playing when he was six, refereed from 12 through his 20s, and eventually went on to work as an equipment salesman.  More recently, Brett leveraged his experience and passion for the game and joined player agency, RWG Sport Management, as an Associate. As the Account Manager at SC Agencies Ltd., Brett was responsible for retail and corporate sales for several high-end hockey equipment manufacturers including Vaughn Custom Sports, Eagle Hockey, Graf Canada Ltd., Sauce Hockey, and Force Sports. He was eventually promoted to Sales Manager where he supervised territory sales managers, and had the opportunity to negotiate retail purchase programs, create and maintain endorsement contracts, and manage inventories. In 2014, Brett took the initiative and pursued Ross Gurney, president of R.W.G. Sport Management, seeking an opportunity in the player representation business. Gurney, who was impressed with Brett’s experience, created a position for Brett, hiring him as an Associate. A year later, Gurney supported Brett’s decision to pursue graduate level education with BHI: “Brett is such a valuable member of our group. [...]

908, 2018

CHP Webinar: September 13

August 9th, 2018|0 Comments

Want to learn more about the Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) designation and the world’s first hockey-specific executive MBA program? If so, think about joining Manav Deol, Managing Director of the Business of Hockey Institute, for an hour long webinar on September 13 at 10:00am MT (12:00pm ET). Everyone welcome. No special equipment required. If your device lacks a microphone, you can still ask questions via text. Advance registration is required so, if you’d like to participate, click here. If this date and time won’t work for you, stay tuned for future webinars.